Majlis Ansarullah Germany (a sub organisation of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community) plans 2013 as the year to spread various aspects of Seerat Hadhrat Muhammad (SAW).

By Zubair Khan

In his address during the 23rd Majlise Shoora, conducted on 24th and 25th of November-2012, of Majlis Ansarullah Germany ( sub organisation of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community consisting of Male members having age of 40 and onwards) Mr Chaudhry Iftikhar, the national President of Organization declared that Ansarullah Germany is planning to celebrate 2013 as the year in which aspects of Seerat of Hadharat Muhammad (SAW) will be spread through out the Germany. Guidelines to this effect have already been given by the spiritual head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad  (atb) in his Friday sermons delivered in September-2012. German translation of Friday sermons of the spiritual head of community will be distributed amongst learned people Seminars, gatherings on the topic pf Seerat Hadhrat Muhamad (SAW) shall be conducted at hindered of places in Germany. Few other books containing the material about Seerat of Hadharat Muhammad (SAW) shall also be distributed through out the country.

Another aspect which has attracted the attention of German politicians and masses towards Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is the tree plantation project of Majlis Ansarullah Germany.  As per the announcement of the President of the Organisation tree plantation by 100 local groups was planned during the current year. The target is almost achieved.  What ever deficiency is left is likely to be completed in remaining period of this year.
During the proceedings of Majlise Shoora contribution of Muslim Time and its Internet address was also mentioned which is likely to attract more English speaking readers. Readers are humbly requested for prayers.

Note by the editor:  Above short article is based on the information gianed by the author while participating in the gatheirng.

2 replies

  1. Asslamo alaikum warahmatoAllahe wa barakatohu.
    Report is breif but covering main aspects.
    Rana Khalil

  2. @Rana Khalil. It was just to cover two main aspects. In case you want detailed report can submit it shall be included.

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