Muslim community in Mumbai welcomes Kasab’s execution

Source: Business Standard

The Muslim community in the city today welcomed the execution of Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab saying by doing this India had rightly conveyed to the world that it has zero tolerance towards terrorism.

Gulzar Azmir, Secretary (legal), Jamait-ul-e-Hind (Ardhad Madani), which has provided legal aid to two persons Fahim Ansari and Sabauddin Shaikh, who were jointly tried with Kasab, was the first to welcome the execution.

“In Islam such people have no place…The only sentence is death for a person who engages in violence, as per Islam,” he said. Read more


9 replies

  1. It is sad that anyone can welcome execution. However emotional the subject makes us, we should be moving away from such barbarity; it takes a killer to kill another, and two wrongs don’t make a right.

  2. Ms. Chaudry, just want to understand if Indian judiciary which gave death sentence to the terrorist is the one ‘killer’ as per your view?

    Indian Muslims stand by the side of their Hindu/Sikh/Christian brethren for the loss of life and violence suffered in 26/11 attacks. This is just a way to express solidarity with humanity in general. When Pakistani terrorists attacked Indian city of Jaipur, local muslims organized blood donation camps right on that day itself to help recovery of attack victims.

  3. Mr Hague, it will take another person to administer the sentence, he will then be a killer. As you will know, many countries have moved away from capital punishment.

  4. Mr Haque, I did say ‘many’ countries, not all; and I’m aware that some states in the USA still have capital punishment, hopefully that will change too. Unfortunately, I haven’t time to open your postings, perhaps I can do that later, but I can see what they’re about. Well, history is full of injustices, of that there is no doubt, and we can only live in hope that we will be able to create a better world, for the sake of future generations.

  5. My be the timing of your comment is not correct, as it seems to be in advocacy of a killer. As i see those who are wronged are being asked to not to grieve. Typically what was happening during 90’s in India.

    After every terror attack in Indian cities carried out by Pakistani funded terrorists, USA and UK issuing statements to Indian authorities to ‘exercise restraint’. This ultimately changed after 9/11 and similar unfortunate incidents in UK. I hope that something like Mumbai attack never happens in any other country. ‘history is full of injustices’, well said. I hope that you would also agree that this terror attack was one such injustice and will express your human solidarity towards terror victims.

  6. Mr Haque, I think you misunderstand me. I am opposed to all sorts of misdeeds and injustices, and those who commit them should be punished. Of course I support terror victims, as well as victims of other crimes; and I am also very active in campaigning for all sorts of injustices and causes. The issue here is about ‘execution’; I just don’t believe in killing humans (or animals for that matter); murder is murder. I realise that you have a different perspective and that is your prerogative. Thankfully we have the freedom to express our various points of view. Regards.

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