The foreign hand delusion

The Express Tribune: Aakar Patel.

On the Indian subcontinent, regional trouble is blamed on the foreign hand. This is because our citizens love their nation and its constitution. It is the mischief of the neighbour that must be suppressed.

Such stupidity is a commonplace in our parts among public, state and media. It is of a piece with the unthinking and closed-minded view that is unique to us in India and Pakistan.

India went through this first 30 years ago when its troubles in Punjab were blamed on Pakistan. Those angered, those agitating, those killed in encounters, were all agents of the enemy state. The vocabulary of the state evolved and common people began using phrases like “asamajik tatva (anti-social element)” which came from propaganda.

When Muslims in Kashmir began a ferocious protest under the Jamaat-e-Islami and the umbrella organisation of Hurriyat, the villain was Pakistan. Even today, when the trouble is behind us, it will be difficult to find an Indian analyst who can say what is obvious to the world. That a large number of Kashmiri-speaking Muslims reject the Indian Constitution.



Categories: Asia, Pakistan

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