1974-Today: Conspiracy Theories and Ahmadies in Pakistan

Lutf Blog: – V : Conspiracy Theories

 The whole nation of Pakistan, including those who took up arms in exchange of petro-dollars are now eligible targets for collateral damage. In short, those who follow the “kuffar”, or help them, assist them, give them safe passage for military supplies are not worthy of being Muslims, and can be killed. The whole nation is in a state of constant denial.
‘No Muslim can commit such attrocities’!
There is a ‘foriegn hand’, a conspiracy to destroy Islam and Pakistan!
But dear Pakistanis, do have a look at the events of 1974. The so-called fathers of Taliban represented the nation in the Parliament and started the rot which is eating away at the very soul of Pakistan.
Readers of the 1974 in-camera proceedings will find that the members of Parliament were under the impression that the Ahmadiyya delegation chose to be subjected to this cross examination. Fact is, that the delegations had no option but give evidence due to the obscene and slanderous nature of the resolutions presented in the Parliament.



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