Imran Khan’s Video Interview about Fixing Pakistan’s Problems

On Oct 25th 2012, Chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Mr. Imran Khan Visited Toronto Canada to raise funds for his Political Party in Pakistan.
During the visit, the Rawal TV Team had the utmost honor and privilege to conduct an exclusive interview with Mr. Imran Khan.

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  1. Imran Khan is also very cautious to talk about the Pakistans’s Constitution that “defines the Faith of the People saying, „It is very tricky question.” Ironically before him ZA Bhutto bowed to mullahs in 1974, and later on Mohtrama Benazir and Perviz Musharaf had to follow the same. Perhaps for a politician the right time will never come to deal with the basic reason of “sectarianism lead terrorism problem” as she/he is always eager to stay on power for few more years. Imran Khan suggests that once the “Pakistani Thought Process” has gone forward then it could be dealt with. Does it mean that Ahmadis in Pakistan have to face the ongoing and consistent brutality supported be the government for few more decades?

    • I am not sure whether ZA Bhutto ‘bowed’ to the Mullahs in 1974, or was he simply ‘paid off’ by the Saudis? Remember: King Feisal was thinking of having himself declared Khalifa of the Muslim world, and our Khalifas were ‘in his way’ …

  2. Well,he doesn’t care for the Ahmadis because we can’t vote. Also he is influenced by mullahs ,he is friends with all of them except Fazallul Rehman.
    I hope some resolution comes soon by Allah Almighty.

  3. If Ahmadis had not participated so entheusiasticall in politics to help Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto come into power (against the teachings of their own founder) the mess they are in now may not have occurred. This deciasion was, peerhaps inevitable because the alternetive was Jamaat r Islami, still the spiritual side of the movement was damaged beside its strong moral acceptance among masses. The sudden emeergence of Ahmadiyya Movement as power brokers was too alarming for Mullah to keep quite. It also became a life threat for them in their political ambitions.
    Yes, the resultant exodus of Ahmadies and their dispersal over the world like Bani Israel has brought unimaginable wealth and organization but it has taken away their identity.
    This threat and fear of a minority taking over the power in Pakistan also caused ripple effects in Saudi leadership who had their own agenda through orthodox traditional Mullahs of Pakistan.
    Now times have changed and world has taken another aspect. Killing of ahmadis has become a rewarding act and in a way legal sanctity. They are hated far more than Jews ever were. This requires and grand moral, spiritual alteration in the community. a long process of self realization and reverting back to their founder who was absolute Ghulam of the Holy Prophet in belief and in action without depending on slogans

  4. @Arsalan
    You seem to suggest supporting ZA Bhutto by Ahmadis was wrong. I am sorry but that was undertaken by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih III and Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV (before he became Khalifa).

    Please be careful what you say. ZA Bhutto was definitely the better option and to say this was against the teachings of our founder … well you can interpret better than Khalifas now?

  5. No politician in Pakistan including Imran Khan has the guts to stand up and raise voice against the persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan. Imran Khan is talking about funding coming from US but he has forgotten that Bhutto declared Ahmadis “Non Muslim” because Saudis were funding his government and are still providing funds to so called “Jihadis”.
    These politicians are only after votes and have no interest in how ordinary persons are being treated in their Country. We are only relying on Almighty Allah who will Insha Allah soon come to help followers of his beloved Prophet.

  6. Imran Khan currently has conflict with Maulana Fazlur-Rehman thus according to anlayst in Pakistan he is more inclined towards Jamaat-i- Islami. In past years he was very well joined hands with Jamaat-i-Islami in protests and demanstrations. How can he daviat from the policy of their partners

  7. Khan talks about insaaf on one side and ignores the biggest injustice embedded in the constitution of Pakistan. If he is truly honest, then he should address all injustices and not just those that suit his political cause. Because he can’t answer the Ahmadi issue he conveniently calls it a “tricky question” – hah! On the non-religious side of his discussion, he keeps on rambling about the killing the same people in the name of terrorists who Pakistan initially made in the name if jihadis. Well he does not seem to get this simple fact that when they were made, they were (rightly or wrongly) fighting against an outside force in favour or Pakistan and now the same people are madly killing the people of Pakistan and promoting extremism. They are therefore themselves a threat to Pakistan, which is why the Pakistani government must fight them (more than they have so far). This interview further strengthened my view Khan’s lack of deep understanding of issues (or at least his lack of courage to truthfully talk about them).

  8. This reminds me of a video clip, somebody asking Imran Khan the same question about defining faith of people, and he replied by saying that a person’s faith is a matter between him and Allah, we are nobody to decide about it. I don’t have reference to that video yet, but it should be somewhere on youtube.

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