How many Malalas does it take?

Express Tribune: Malala, the innocent girl who struggled for continuing her education when her native Swat was ruled by Maulana Fazlullah’s faction of the Taliban, lies between life and death. However, after a long time, there is some sign of life among the country’s opinion-makers — and not just the liberals! So, does it take an attack on an innocent girl to awaken our collective conscience? Or is even this an evanescent phenomenon? How many more Malalas will it take for our public to change its mind about the militant groups who are associated with the Taliban?

I saw such a change in public opinion about the Taliban when it was ruling Swat in 2008. Maulana Fazlullah was ruling the valley and girls were being flogged on even minor suspicions of immorality. The government of Pakistan had given in and power had been conceded in the name of the demand of the people for the Sharia law. But then the Taliban started moving towards Buner and the military felt threatened. One after the other, media anchors started talking about taking action against them.


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