Islamists’ demonstration in downtown Amman (Jordan) ends peacefully

Jordan Times.

AMMAN –– A pro-reform rally organised by the Muslim Brotherhood in downtown Amman ended peacefully, according to security officials.

The demonstration, held near the Husseini Mosque, saw heavy presence of security personnel to protect protesters, who called for further political reforms that include a better election law, more constitutional amendments and serious efforts to fight corruption.

A security official told The Jordan Times that no incidents or clashes were reported during the rally.

The police officer, who requested anonymity, said the number of participants was around 15,000, while organisers insisted that over 50,000 activists took part in the protest.

Over 1,000 police officers were deployed in central Amman to protect demonstrators, according to the government.

Earlier in the day police said they arrested eight people carrying knives while heading to downtown Amman.

On Thursday, activists from a rival group, calling itself the “loyalist camp,” suspended a rally that was planned for Friday in the same location amid rising fears of potential clashes between participants and those of the Islamist protest.

Islamists rally near the Hussein Mosque in downtown Amman on Friday (Photo courtesy of

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