Holland’s only nuclear power plant fails Brussels’ safety stress tests

The Netherlands only nuclear power plant, at Borssele in Zeeland, does not meet international standards for coping with flooding or earthquakes, Trouwreports on Wednesday.

In addition, equipment which is supposed to be used in the case of a serious problem is not properly stored to withstand a natural disaster, the paper said, quoting a European Commission report which has been leaked to the media.

The report is the result of Europe-wide stress tests to assess if Europe’s 143 licensed nuclear power plants can withstand extreme events such as earthquakes. It was set up in the wake of the disaster in Fukushima, Japan last year.

Hundreds of problems

French nuclear power stations score worst and no European plant passes all 11 safety criteria drawn up by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Trouw says. In total, hundreds of problems have been identified.

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