Anti-Islam Movie and Our Sane Response

Lutf ur Rehman MD

Just a few weeks ago an obscure video emerged on the You Tube which portrayed Prophet Muhammad (saw) in a derogatory way. Obviously every Muslim who watched this video was offended. Once some religious Imam got involved in some Muslim country, this obscure video became an international event. Fiery sermons were delivered on the following Friday and masses were incited towards violence. The resulting riots caused deaths of hundreds of people (all Muslims!) across the Muslim world and property worth millions of dollars was also destroyed. US government as well as forces of Zionism and many others were blamed for this video. Fortunately, President Obama soundly condemned the video in his UN assembly address and at many other forums. US foreign secretary, Hillary Clinton also denounced the video repeatedly. Her condemnation was shown on various TV channels across the Muslim countries with translation in local languages. This is a welcome change in Western leader’s response to such incitements.

Most people of the world regardless of their religion do not accept or agree with humiliating the leaders of the religions. But there will always be few who will utter words of hate or expressions offensive to the followers of one Faith or another. This can never be accepted as invitation for the leaders of those Faiths to incite their followers to violence. If such hateful expressions are ignored they will pass into obscurity without being noticed by too many people. But once religious leaders pick up this cause, they in fact become the tool of these hate mongers and help to spread their message.

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