Day: September 12, 2012

Letter to Calgary Herald

By Atifa Ahmed, Calgary Source: Calgary Herald Re: “Imam accused of planting evidence in Pakistan Qur’an burning case against Christian girl,” Herald Online, Sept. 2. As a Canadian Muslim, I am ashamed of what my fellow Muslims are up to, but as a mother and as a professional who works […]

Born to kill

Source: ET “There can be peace”, stated the notorious Afghan warlord sitting cross-legged across the carpet from me in the air-conditioned cool of his palatial Kabul home. “Yes, there can be but … not until we have killed all of the enemies first”. He is serious — more serious than […]

UAE extends crackdown on Islamists

Reuters | Sep 11, 2012 | JORDAN TIMES DUBAI — The United Arab Emirates has arrested eight Emirati Islamists, including a state prosecutor and a former judge, rights activists said on Tuesday, widening a crackdown on dissidents over alleged threats to state security. Thanks to cradle-to-grave welfare systems, the UAE […]