Day: September 3, 2012


Ahmadis and Pakistan I tend to agree with Bashy Quraishy’s thoughts. Despite such severe atrocities and death meted out to Pakistani Ahmadi Muslims, they still love their country, if they adopt a foreign land they still go back to visit their homeland and are exceptionally loyal to the nation which […]

Non-Aligned Movement

Non-Aligned Movement From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Non-Aligned Movement (NAM)   Member countries   Observer countries Coordinating Bureau New York, New York, United States Membership 120 members 17 observer countries[1] Leaders  – Principal decision-making organ Conference of Heads of State or Government of Non-Aligned Countries[2]  – Chair[2] Iran […]

Slump in August car sales in France

RFI France. The manufacturers’ organisation said the number of sales of new cars in France slipped to 96,115. Over the first eight months of this year, the fall was 13.4 percent, it said, noting that the French carmakers PSA Peugeot Citroen and Renault suffered more last month than their foreign […]