Ahmadis and Pakistan

I tend to agree with Bashy Quraishy’s thoughts.

Despite such severe atrocities and death meted out to Pakistani Ahmadi Muslims, they still love their country, if they adopt a foreign land they still go back to visit their homeland and are exceptionally loyal to the nation which has literally disowned them.

I also know a very large majority of educated Pakistanis (based on my personal friendship here in the San Francisco Bay Area where I am well known as an Ahmadi – some even call me Qadiani) do not approve of Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law.

In addition, the Pakistani media, (Dawn and Tribune, TV channels) many reporters and news writers have come a long way in reporting a lot that is being done wrong in Pakistan against minorities whereas 10 or 20 years back they lacked the courage to write so openly.

The Human Rights advocates are being given a good coverage on some of the popular TV channels.

Ultimately, it is people who have the power to change government policies and laws such as the Blasphemy Law and Constitutional changes specific to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community that continue to exit from the dreadful days of Zia.

The power to change the mind set (from the worldly point of view) rests in the hands of news writers and anchor persons like Bashy Quraishy.

Trials and tribulations will be part of the life of Ahmadiyya Jamaat and any resolute changes in their favor will come from Allah Tabarak O Ta’ala in whom we repose our absolute trust.

Even those of us who are not born in Pakistan develop an affinity and a romancing affiliation with Pakistan due mainly for the fact that millions of our brothers and sisters far too dear than our blood brothers and sisters live there. Their homeland is our homeland because our seat of Khilafat is there.

It hurts us deeply when we hear, read and see how brutally and savagely some of Ahmadi Muslims are beaten to death by those who are said to be Pakistani Muslims while Pakistan government ignores the felonious crimes and over 90% Pakistanis remain mute. Immediate condemnation is rare. It comes only with the convenience of time when all is said and done and when the dead are buried the injured have returned home and recovered.

I went to Methodist School and learned Bible before I read a word of the Holy Quran and resented for not going to downtown Muslim School to learn Urdu and with it perhaps Islam that I held was religion of Pakistan. At Methodist I took Hindi and Hindu tails in the books left me with the impression India is a Hindu country in my elementary days. I had the bias towards Pakistan and longed to learn Urdu which I did in my teen when I joined the Ahmadi Jamaat in revolt against my family.

My fondness and affection for Pakistan skyrocketed as I got deeper and deeper into the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, its seat of Khilafat in Pakistan and all that we read and heard from the many Pakistani Ahmadi Muslim missionaries who served in Fiji. We looked to them and Pakistan as the model of Muslim country an image I never wanted to be tinted and smudged by any stretch of imagination.

But what Bhutto and later Zia did in the name of Pakistan and lovely religion of Islam left distaste in me.

I will not be lying if I say that all non-Pakistani Ahmadis have the same sentiments of love and respect for Pakistan despite the horror that our beloved brothers and sisters continue to face in their own homeland.

We seek refuge with Allah and beg for His Mercy and Love.

H. Koya’
San Francisco Bay Area

(My grateful thanks are due to Editor in Chief of TMT, Dr. Zia Shah for approval to place this article in this forum.)


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  1. My dear Hanif

    First of all, let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and loyalty to Pakistan. I have lived most of my life in the west for education, travels and later for professional reasons. Still, Pakistan is so close to my heart because my dad used to tell me when I was little about the sacrifices many Muslims in Hindustan made to reach the Land of the pure. Although, I dislike nationalism and jingoism, the idea that I still have a land, I call my first home, brings rears in my eyes. The same is true for many Pakistanis including our Ahmadi brothers and sisters.
    Just one request; Please remeber, that Bhutto and later Zia did not represent Pakistan. They were opportunistic political leaders who wanted to hold on to power and under the pressure of Saudi Arabia, prosecuted Ahamdis in Pakistan. Another thing, which is important to remember is that most Pakistanis are not educated enough to make independent decisions. They are trained to listen to politicians, brain dead Moulvis who use the name of Pakistan and our lovely religion of Islam to propogate their version of reality. I am sure that sooner or later the hold of Saudi Arabia will break and with that the monopoly of village Mullahs in Pakistan will come to an end. It is then the dream of Quaid-e-Azam’s Pakistan, a land for all its citizens, irrespective of religion, creed and ethnicity would come true. Keep the hope alive!

  2. Brother Hanif Koya’s sentiments for Pakistan are true and well appreciated. Those of us who were born there and lived there in turmoil still suffer and feel deep scars of hurting deprivation and injustice in our own birth country. I came to know Bhutto when I was a final year student in Punjab University Law College Lahore and he was serving Pakistan’s Foreign Minister. Unfortunately he became Prime Minister when he was not yet fully matured in Politics. He used mullahs and then mullahs exploited his ignorance about True Islam. He met a tragic end. When his daughter became the Prime Minister, I wrote her several times to correct the mistake of her father but she ignored all advice. She was also punished like her foe Mr. Ziaul Haq.
    Allah heard the prayers of our beloved Khalifah and General Zia was also punished! Only God knows what is next but, insha Allah, God certainly would punish the wrong doers!

  3. Dear AZEEZUM Hanif after reading your heart-felt narration, I am not only amazed at your deep understanding of THE AHMADIYYA PSYCHE-TRUE ISLAM- but, also most grateful to ALLAH SUBHAN O TA ALA for allowing me in FIJI to help you in your intellectual & educational developement in your adolescent years-You make me very happy, indeed-May ALLAH bless you & your progeny with the GIFTS & BLESSINGS OF THE KHILAFAT E AHMADIYYA, ALWAYS,amin.

  4. I can also testify that for instance in West Africa all the knowledge of Pakistan in the general population comes from the Ahmadiyya Missionaries and Ahmadiyya teachers and Ahmadiyya Doctors (and not the Embassies).

  5. We live abroad and yet at our homes only Pakistan TV runs. what is happening there?. How people are living. God Forbid if there is any bomb blast, firing, killing. These are the worries that keep us praying, watching and attached to Pakistani channels.
    Never for a moment we Ahamdis feel unconcerned, for the well being of Pakistan.
    But whenever we go for passport or ID card renewal, we feel happy to be amongst the people of our culture and language. But as soon as our identity as an Ahmadi is known the colour of the person on the desk becomes shaded. You feel unwelcome or alienized.But even then the spirit of being a Pakistani or being a well wisher of Pakistan remains unchanged.

    We may have differences of opinions with the people of Pakistan but not with our beloved home land. There is no compromise over its security and well being.This is clear and definite.

  6. I appreciate this article and going to post on FB. To all Ahmadis ” Hubbul Watn e minal Emaan ” matters a lot. The input and sacrifices by Ahmadis in the creation of Pakistan are unmatchable and historic, and same is true when the defence draws closer in our talk. We love our motherland and our generation will do the same as they are taught this way. I am sure one day things will change, discriminatory laws will get abolished and we go back home.

  7. I got a little busy doing my monthly publication The Fiji Sun USA.

    I wanted to thank:

    1. Bashy Quraishy sahab.

    I notice that you teamed up with Jessie Jackson for Human Rights work at international level. You have won several wards for your great work. And have made quite an impact in Denmark issues.

    I deeply appreciate you stand for minorities of Pakistan and via this forum your show of support for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

    May Allah bless you kindness and sharing your concerns with us.

    2. Dr. Rasheed S, Aazam

    Your thoughts on Z A Bhutto and his daughter Benazir Bhutto who used to address Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V as uncle and had made some promises to him as well.

    Just before her death she had visited New York and of her die hard support here is my good friend who expressed high hopes based on the support she was mustering in certain quarters in New York and elsewhere.

    I had expressed my fears of her safety on her return to Pakistan which my Pakistan friend dismissed lightly.

    Given her father’s deeds and boast that he had ” settled the questions about Ahmadis” I could not see a blessed progeny for him. That’s just my take.

    3. Dr. Matiullah Dard sahab – my high school English teacher in Fiji.

    I was not an Ahmadi then but enormously benefited from Dr. Dard’s teaching which I mention in the introduction to own Autobiography of an Ahmadi Muslim – instructed me to write.

    I had a great admiration for Dr. Dard when he taught us as he left us thinking that a Punjabi accented Pakistani had such wonderful command of English language. We adopted the attitude “if he can do it, we can do it too.”

    Dr. Dard was a partner to first Pakistani Ahmadi Muslim missionary late Maulana Abdul Wahid sahab. Both were dispatched from Rabwah, Pakistan to serve in Fiji by our beloved Imam Hazrat Musleh-a-Maoud who was excited about Fiji mission given the fact Fiji is marks the corner or end of the large Pacific Ocean. Mission sough to fulfill a grant revelation given to Hazrat Mirza sahab (peace of Allah be on him) ” I will cause they message to reach the corners of the earth.”

    When I joined a tiny budding Ahmadiyya Jamaat in my City of Lautoka where Dr. Dard had taught us, I was thrilled to learn to learn from the famous Khan family that M U Dard was an Ahmadi.

    I tried to reach Dr, Dard in England where he had moved to take a new position but in vain. Some 30 years later we met by chance via the internet when Dr,. Dard contacted me having read some of what wrote on the internet sites, recalling my name from a letter late Maulana Abdul Wahid Sahab had written on my accepting the pledge (Baiyat).

    For me it was a dream come true to have meet him in a strange way. Dr. Dard was quite surprised to learn I was his humble student and how much I owed him to equipping me (and other students) with the fundamentals of English language that forever became basis language skills.

    We have been in regular touch since our internet relation began about some 4 years I think and I am so blessed to hear him pray for me. I do the same for him. May Allah keep him blessed with His continued Mercy, Love and Graciousness.

    4. Rafiq and Anisa

    I am so envious of you both and wonder hop you both get time to posts so many comments. You both champs in this forum. I cannot beat you too.

    Thanks a lot for your comments. May Allah bless you both.

    5. Ayyub’s Hubbul Watan

    Reminds me of Khalifa Rabe’s ” Kis Haam Mein Yaarane Watan.”

    I join you all for a safe, sane and pure Pakistan where people of all faiths, communities and minorities cane live in peace with LOVE FOR ALL HATRED FOR ONE

    Ahmadis will not always be in minority, time is coming fast when the sacred hands of Allah will blow a vigorous change of wind that large majority of Pakistani will abandon the foolish path of Mullahs and will secure their future with Allah’s chosen Jamaat that we see daily growing from strength to strength. May Allah bring the days of our victory sooner.

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