Day: September 18, 2012

Respecting religious sentiments

Source: Times of Malta By  Laiq Ahmed Atif Respecting the feel­ings and sentiments of each other is a noble virtue. The basic ethics, morals, principles and decency are the assets of human beings. And every religion of the world – be it Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, or Judaism – they all […]

5 signs of a lame conspiracy theory

Source: Express Tribune We often find ourselves being buried alive beneath an avalanche of conspiracy theories that are often racist, usually illogical and almost always hilarious. That does not change the fact that conspiracies do sometimes take place. So how do we sift out the handful of sensible theories from […]

Spare me the Zionist conspiracies

Source: Express Tribune Written by Mani Khawaja “The parts are Jewish!” screams Barry, an ill-tempered white convert to Islam, played to perfection by Nigel Lindsay in the critically acclaimed film, Four Lions. The car has broken down and rather than admit to his friends that he hasn’t had it fixed, […]