As Muslims rage, churches hit Pakistan’s blasphemy law

Daily Times: Some Muslim leaders want global pact against blasphemy

* Anti-Islam film may fuel calls for such a move

* Church conference hears of abuse of blasphemy law 

GENEVA: As a film insulting Islam prompted Muslim leaders in many countries to call for a global law against blasphemy, a major Christian group said just such a ban in Pakistan was used to persecute other religions.

Abuse of Pakistan’s blasphemy law put the Islamic country’s Christian, Hindu and Ahmadi Muslims in “a state of fear and terror”, the World Council of Churches (WCC) said on Monday.

Representatives of those minorities told a conference on the law organised by the WCC – which links Protestant, Orthodox and evangelical churches – of mob lynching and widespread mistreatment of those accused of blasphemy.

“In Pakistan, we are fighting against the blasphemy law and its abuse,” said Muhammad Tahseen of campaign group the South Asia Partnership. The recent arrest of a Christian girl who faced a possible death penalty for what later appeared to be false charges of burning a booklet carrying Quranic verses was just one of many such cases, he said.


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  1. As any doctor would recognize: there is no chance of a wound healing, if only a little dirt remains in the wound. The blasphemy law in Pakistan was ‘revived’ by the very late General Zia ul Haq with the main purpose of persecuting the members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at. Christians and other Muslims were sort of ‘collateral damage’. To now amend the law so that Christians and other Muslims do not get caught up with it will not eliminate the ‘little dirt in the wound’. Only the cancellation of all anti-Ahmadiyya ordinances will ‘clean out the wound’.

  2. Can Anybody explain to me how to post an article on Muslim Times. Thanks.

  3. Rafiq sahib is absolutley right. To cure a wound it must be surgically operated. All routes must be cleared. The main route cause is the Infamous Anti Qadiani Ordinance of 1984. It must be repealed.

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