Day: September 22, 2012

Hate film

The Express Tribune: by Anwer Mooraj. This is not the first time it has happened. The Danes and the French had a go with those blasphemous cartoons which ridiculed Islam. They unleashed a torrent of protest in the Muslim world which took weeks to die out. British and American newspaper editors […]

Crisis Averted; Challenges Remain

Huff Post: by James Zogby. The crisis created by the film The Innocence of Muslims that many feared might spin out of control seems to be subsiding across the Arab World. The appeal by extremists to escalate the situation appears to have given way to more stable and thoughtful leadership. Washington acted […]

Charter of Morality

By Munir Varraich, Sweden Recently in a move to find solution to the violent reaction to the film trailer, there is a campaign to get signatures to have a “Charter of Morality” which should be in place so as to avoid the repeat of such a happening. Let us not […]

Exploiting the Prophet

NY Times: “PISS CHRIST,” a famous photograph partly financed by taxpayers, depicted a crucifix immersed in what the artist said was his own urine. But conservative Christians did not riot on the Washington Mall.  “The Book of Mormon,” a huge hit on Broadway, mocks the church’s beliefs as hocus-pocus. But Mormons […]

Getting offended on God’s behalf

Dawn: The alarm went off on Monday morning, the radio came on and all I heard was, “It’s been described as the most serious insult to Islam ever! People have been killed, and protests are mounting.” I thought ‘What’s happened? Has Satanic Verses been turned into a cartoon?’ I switched […]

We are not a nation. We are a mob.

Source: Dawn Author: Nadeem F. Paracha Instead of condemning mob violence, Bhutto, the great progressive democrat, did exactly what the mob demanded. As if overnight the Ahmadi community that had played a major role in the creation of Pakistan and was one of the most vigorous contributors to the new […]