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Dear Critics,

As-salamu alaikum.  Peace be upon you.

With this issue, we invite you to debate the criticisms you levy against the peaceful religion of Islam.

We applaud your self-professed commitment to freedom and equality – indeed we stand for the same – but in attacking Islam, we question your tactics.  The religion of Islam stands for truth, peace and justice, and is in need of revival, not destruction.

In this issue, we have chosen 10 of you – from a diverse group of widely recognized politicians,  pundits, pastors, professors and authors – and respond to your criticisms of Islam. We expose them as either baseless, dishonest, or criticisms of practices which, although present in Muslim-majority countries, have no basis in the religion of Islam. In doing so, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community defends Islam not just against your misinformation, but also from the misguided ulema who pass off their own twisted beliefs as Islamic.

Indeed this is the reason God raised Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) of Qadian as the Reformer of this age. His Community, which practices and preaches the motto of “love for all, hatred for none,” actively promotes the true teachings of Islam, and wishes you peace, no matter how you feel about us.

We recognize you have strong feelings against Islam (or profess to, for personal gain), but when you inspire fervent praise from people like Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian terrorist arrested for killing more than 70 people in an effort to prevent a “Muslim take over” (in particular, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller and Geert Wilders), do you not see the ramifications of your hate speech? The Southern Poverty Law Center writes that the growth of an anti-Muslim movement, which began in 2010 and was “almost entirely ginned up by political opportunists and hard-line Islamophobes,” has coincided with a 50% rise in reported anti-Muslim hate crimes.  Does such violence serve your purpose, or are you simply a truth-teller?

If your cause is just and true, join us in a public debate. If you are right, the people shall see it firsthand and join you in your enmity toward Islam. If, however, it is proven that your criticisms are based on lies or hate, then we shall have accomplished our purpose in defense of Islam.

Although you should not hesitate to accept our invitation, you may take six full months to decide, and we shall publish your responses (or lack thereof) in our Winter 2012 issue, God-willing.

To our readers, we hope you shall consider our replies to the critics with an open heart and mind. We hope that, at the very least, you will come to realize that the profit-driven, anti-Islam campaign of vilification and misinformation serves only to spread hatred and violence, not truth and understanding. May God bless you and may peace be upon you.

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  1. I’m leanient about alot of misguided or misinformed people ,except the advocates of hate and perversion such as this group of shaitans or the children of satan who’s purpose is to destroy the images and reputations of pure and holy men of God in order to mislead and destroy the children of Adam(as)for their own selfish means as promised by their father iblis and his offsprings who continue on this path. their forefathers who were inspired by the unholy spirit have done to the prophets of old and it appears they have somewhat succeeded , because they have misled generations into self destruct. The constant attempt by these and previous satans advocates is not just to malign islam and prophet muhammad(as), but simply to destroy goodness and purity. This is the war between good and evil and alhamdulillah good will eventually triumph.and all those logs and ideologs or fuels of hell fire will cease to exist,soon inshaallah

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