The 18 British soldiers killed by rogue Afghan forces in ‘green on blue’ attacks

Since 2008, 18 British soldiers have been killed by allied Afghan forces or militants who have turned their weapons on Nato troops. The increasing threat of rogue soldiers has forced Nato-led troops to scale back joint patrols and change strategy.


2009 (five killed)

November: Cpl Nicholas Webster-Smith, 24, Sgt Matthew Telford, 37, Guardsman Jimmy Major, 18, Warrant Officer Class One Darren Chant, 40, and Acting Corporal Steven Boote, 22, were all shot dead by a rogue Afghan policeman in Helmand Province. The soldiers, three from the Grenadier Guards and two from the Royal Military Police, had been living with the Afghan police in a compound. The officer opened fire, killing the five and injuring eight others, before he fled the compound.

Guardsman James Major, Corporal Nicholas Webster-Smith, Warrant Officer Darren Chant, Sergeant Matthew Telford

2010 (three killed)

July: Maj James Joshua Bowman, 34, Lt Neal Turkington, 26, and Cpl Arjun Purja Pun, 33, all of 1st Battalion, The Royal Gurkha Rifles, died in a suspected premeditated attack by an Afghan National Army member. Maj Bowman was shot as he slept, while his comrades were shot in their command centre where four others were also injured. Sgt Talib Hussein, 23, of the ANA, used an Afghan-issue light machine gun, an M16 rifle and a grenade launcher in the attacks.

Maj James Joshua Bowman

Lt Neal Turkington

Cpl Arjun Purja Pun

2011 (one killed)

July: L/Cpl Paul Watkins, 24, of Brigade Advisory Group. He was on a patrol with Afghan soldiers in the Nahr-e Saraj district of Helmand province when his team was fired on by a man dressed in an Afghan national army uniform.

L/Cpl Paul Watkins

2012 (nine killed)

March: Sgt Luke Taylor, 33, of Royal Marines, and L/Cpl Michael Foley, 25, of Adjutant General’s Corps, were shot dead by an Afghan army soldier at the main entrance to Lashkar Gah main operating base.

Lance Corporal Michael Foley General’s Corps and Sergeant Luke Taylor

May: L/Cpl Lee Davies, 27, of 1st Battalion Welsh Guards, and Cpl Brent McCarthy, 25, RAF airman, were providing security near a base for a meeting with local officials when they were gunned down by members of the Afghan national police force.

Corporal Brent McCarthy and Lance Corporal Lee Davies

July: Guardsmen Craig Roderick, 22, and Apete Tuisovurua, 28, both of 1st Battalion Welsh Guards, and Warrant Officer Class Two Perran Thomas, 44, of Royal Corps of Signals, were shot by Afghan policemen as they left a checkpoint in Helmand province.

September: Sgt Gareth Thursby, 29, and Pte Thomas Wroe, 18, both of 3rd Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment, were killed by a rogue policeman who lured them to his side with a fake injury.

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