“Hate Speech” – The Well-Lodged Precedent

The Muslim Outlook – by Shahid Pervaiz

September 30, 2012

During the years 610 and 624 A.D. the City of Mecca experienced two profiles, absolutely contrary to each other. One of the Prophet of Islam – Muhammad son of Abdullah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and the other of Amr son of Hisham – the Chief of the ruling tribe Quraish.

Immediately upon his proclamation as the Prophet of Islam – Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) together with his companions was subjected to severe persecution; which included everything from the Social Boycott to Brutal Killings.

One Muslim lady’s ankles were tied to two camels to run in opposite directions that tore her simply apart – only for one reason that she had chosen to accept Islam as her religion of preference.

Personal abuse and insult was also directly inflicted upon Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) by verbal expressions and acts of antagonism; calling bad names in public, threats to kill and his followers, pitching garbage on him and plunging intestine of slaughtered camel on him when he prayed in the mosque of Mecca (the house of God).

Most of those atrocities were instigated, lead and applied under the command of Amr son of Hisham.

Amr son of Hisham continued his way of oppression, without pause, throughout his life.

As such, the companions of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) considered Amr son of Hisham as the worst of the enemies of Islam and carried plentiful feelings of anguish about him.

At the time when Mecca fell to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) – Ikrimah the son of Amr fled Mecca considering that he would not expect any mercy or a pardon for the acts of his father and those wherein he was an accomplice, too. Soon after the fall, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) declared general amnesty and the wife of Ikrimah solicited pardon for her husband; which was granted to everyone’s surprise.  She hastily approached her husband and brought him back.

In consideration of the ordinary human behavior; it is not hard for anyone to think that the companions of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) could have had a revengeful outrage upon the arrival of Ikrimah; for his doings and the acts of his deceased father.   Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) lectured his companions that Ikrimah will be arriving soon; coming as a believer in Islam, migrating for his faith. Do not insult his father {please, remember that he was the biggest enemy of Islam, its Prophet and his companions}; as insulting a dead man will upset the living without affecting the dead person.

Does this historical account not stand out to say loudly and clearly that the Hate-Speech and Expressions of Insult (which are always based upon Hate) are forbidden by the Prophet of Islam (pbuh) even for the worst of his personal as well as communal enemy?

Is this not a Well-Lodged Precedent worth a following by “All Human” – of the EAST, WEST, NORTH or SOUTH; at the very least in the Noblest Foundation of Humanity?

Author – Shahid Pervaiz – a front line Corporate Manager and Consultant. Formerly the founder secretary general of The Sialkot Chamber of Commerce, Trade Commissioner of Alpha Group Holland, CEO of Record Export Ltd., President of National Dairies of Pakistan; and a Programs Producer at PTV; besides a series of other business ventures and undertakings.

He likes to study Literature, Arts, Cultures and the Religious Practices (tasawuf); and to comment about the Truth of Islam.

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