Calif. chef serves up generosity to homeless kids

(CBS News) ANAHEIM, Calif. – A while back “On The Road” introduced us to a man who had heard a voice, telling him to share his good fortune. The voice was his mother’s.

Well, he’ still listening to his mother and is giving even more unto others. We caught up with him…”on the road.”

Bruno Serato, owner of the Whitehouse restaurant in Anaheim, had a pretty carefree life of hosting and hobnobbing with Orange County’s most rich and famous.

That was until his mother Catarina came over to visit from Italy, and messed up everything.

Upscale Restaurant Owner Feeds Homeless Kids

As we first reported a couple years ago, Bruno was on the board of the local Boys and Girls Club and he just wanted his mom to see the place. The club serves a lot of homeless kids who sometimes go hungry.

Bruno told his mom this, and according to club director Mike Baker – that was it.

“I heard her in Italian,” said Mike, “grab his arm and say some things to him, and he just started raising his hands and goes, ‘Mama, mama, OK, OK, OK!'”

She basically ordered Bruno to feed the kids that night — all of them.

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  1. I was very touched when I viewed Mr. Serato and his faithfullness to his mother and the children, This brought me to tears as I am also trying to put together a asmall coffee tea soup house for are community and are children. There are more childen in each of our communities than we realize that are missing daily meals. I hope that when my small venture gets off and running that it becomes as Gracious as your venture. Truly inspired,Thank you for what you do. Sincerely Katherine

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