Persecution of religious minorities not a new phenomenon

Credit. The News via Wasim

LAHORE: Following the recent arrest of the prayer leader of Islamabad’s Ameenia Mosque on charges of fabricating the evidence that he had used to accuse a 14-year old Christian girl, Rimsha Masih, of blasphemy, the ever-deteriorating situation for religious minorities due to growing religious intolerance in the country stands underscored for the West at least.


The mosque Imam was apprehended after an eye-witness Hafiz Zubair testified against him, revealing that he saw the prayer leader Khalid Jadoon adding additional pages of the Quran to the pile of the burnt pages and planting them in Rimsha Masih’s bag with the aim to implicate her in a blasphemy case.


Rimsha could have faced a death penalty for allegedly desecrating the Quran, but the witness Hafiz Zubair has not only saved her in all probability, but has also helped the country save its blushes amongst the comity of nations.


Zubair’s testimony has proved that justice is not totally non-existent in Pakistan, besides giving the world a precedent to cite that religious dogmatism has not totally engulfed the whole society. The recent cases of alleged discrimination against the Pakistani Hindus have also adversely affected the country’s image, giving a golden chance to the whole of West and other international human rights groups again to point fingers at Pakistan that the country had failed to protect the rights of minorities.


In a recent letter to President Asif Zardari, a group of six US senators have also expressed grave concern over the condition of the Ahmadi community in Pakistan, asserting that they also continued to experience acts of murder, violence and discrimination, as did Shia Muslims.Meanwhile, France has also urged the Pakistani authorities to release the young Rimsha.

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