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  1. What is the mystery? The apparent look that a veiled woman is standing (?), neck deep in water for she does not look frightened at all at her predicament.

    And she’s definitely NOT CRYING!

    I personally think that it’s just a work of art as suggested by Haque sb, above.

    • Why and what is the difference? most Muslims are muslims in name today! How many Muslims have yet to recognise that Mahdi and Messiah has come?

  2. Its a privacy breech. The photographer should be reproached rather commended.Media and press mostly these days uncontrolled and unashamed as well.

  3. This photo session happened with the consent of this women as she agreed to be ‘model’ for this photo shoot.

    Anyone interested in viewing more of works of Sebastian can peep into

    There are admirer of art of different type in the muslim world. One such is calligraphy done for religious purposes.

    Egyptians tend to be one of the most art curators in the muslim world. There was a time Muslims now who live in Pakistan used to be good in paintings, music, stone crafting etc. Because of excessive religious debates mostly of the type belonging to loose talk concerning art, now i think it’s limited to music only as we hardly see other art forms.

    Admiration for art and Aesthetics used to be keen interest of muslims all over the world. Some nations have preserved this instinct in one form or another.

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