Islam – Pakistan is for Islam, General

‘Pakistan is for Islam’

By: The Nation Monitoring | August 14, 2012 | 14
‘Pakistan is for Islam’
ABBOTTABAD – Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani on Monday said Pakistan came into being in the name of Islam and no power could dare eliminate Islam from the country, reported a private TV channel.
Addressing a special ceremony held at the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) Kakul in connection with the Independence Day, Kayani, at the same time, said the on-going war against terror was justified, as no one had the right to impose his will on others, adding that Pakistan and Islam were synonym to each other, he maintained, as he asked the audience to promise to make every possible sacrifice for the country. Kayani also advised to learn lesson from the past experiences and think about the future, saying the fight against extremism was to be owned by the whole country and the armed forces were not the sole stakeholders.
Highlighting the military’s role, Kayani said the army had already completed development projects worth 25 billion rupees in collaboration with the government.

This news was published in print paper. Access complete paper of this day.

3 replies

  1. General Kiyani also confirmed corruption is rampant in Pakistan, hence corruption within his brand of Islam he referrs to does not sound logical

  2. In Pakistan it is a necessory for all leaders use Islam in every possible way to show how much rigbteous they are and what ever tbey are doing has Gods approval. On contrast Pakistan is one of the most corupt state in the world. Their all leaders from politician to military generals are looting the country to the bones. That is their Islam if someone want to be muslim like them.

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