Palestinian children ‘abused’ in Israeli jail

Source: AlJazeera

Ramallah, occupied Palestinian territories – A dirty mattress fills up a space barely two metres long and one metre wide. A suffocating stench emanating from the toilet hovers over the windowless room, and a light turned on 24/7 means sleep is a distant dream. This is the infamous Cell 36 in Al Jalameh Prison in Israel. It’s one of the cells that many Palestinian children have either heard of or, worse, been inside when placed in solitary confinement.

The children imprisoned here are most often taken from their homes between midnight and 5am. Most don’t even see it coming. In one case, in Beit Ummar near Bethlehem, Israeli soldiers detained a Palestinian boy after reportedly taking some of the house’s doors off their hinges. Most of the children detained live close to “friction points”, areas close to Israeli settlements, roads used by settlers or near the separation wall. And their offence is almost always throwing stones at settlers or troops.

“Mohammad was interrogated for two to three hours every day while sitting on a low seat with his hands tied to the chair.”


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  1. general statements such as ‘Nato soldiers are rapists …’ are not helpful. If we would bring actual facts (such as the difficult times that female troups have) your statement would be more useful.

  2. This is a sentimental topic for many. But, any news always has two sides to the story. However, one should not ignore common human decency in expressing one’s views. With that in mind, there is no need to become abusive in one’s tone and language while expressing their very personal views. Some posts to this blogs are being deleted as they do not adhere to these standards and are indiscriminately offensive to many.

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