Nuremberg (Germany) – Petition against Ahmadiyya Mosque construction

The administrative court in Ansbach received an urgent application against a mosque construction with a minaret by five residents. The claim period ends today 13th August 2012.

Source: Studio Franken

The urgent appeal is for an immediate settlement freeze of construction decided in September, said a spokesman for the Administrative Court. The city of Nuremberg had a building permit for the mosque on published in the Official Journal in July. Since then, residents had a month to file a complaint. The CSU (political party) in the City Council opposed the construction of the mosque with a minaret in the district Gibitzenhof.

Residents fear falling property prices
Behind the planned mosque with a minaret, the firs in Nuremberg, is the Islamic Religious Community “Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat”. The planned minaret will be 13 meters high. It is not above the first floor and is only used to look. A muezzin call is not provided. In addition to the building site, there are two eight-story high-rise buildings. Some residents fear that the mosque will lead to noise pollution and parking shortages and declining property prices.

Plans presented to the public

The construction plans for the mosque with a minaret were already presented in mid-May in a public event. The building is funded from the faith community. The ground floor is a 150 square meter prayer room set up for men, the first floor of a prayer room for women. At the request of the Nuremberg city council, the project with the approval of the Ahmadiyya community was treated at the City Planning Committee.

Keyword: “Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat”

Information event of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in Nuremberg

The Muslim movement “Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat” sees itself as a reform-oriented community. Their motto is “Love for all – hatred for none”. According to the experts on Islam they are considered to be very peaceable people with socially conservative views. Contrary to the opinion of the vast majority of Muslims, the Ahmadiyya community represents the theological view, that it might be possible even after the Prophet Muhammad to have another prophet. The community is being severely persecuted in Pakistan. Their followers came mostly as asylum seekers to Germany. She is one of the oldest Muslim communities in Germany.

Federal and state authorities classify the community as a true constitutional. Claims to belong to the religious community in Germany, 30,000 people. The community in Nuremberg, has existed for more than 60 years and has 120 members. It leads, according to the city council every year on New Year’s Day by a street cleaning campaign.

NOTE BY THE EDITOR: Excuse the language, it is Google translate from the original German article.

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6 replies

  1. We pray that the authorities will reject the appeals so that the construction can go ahead. The residents should consult neighbors of existing Ahmadiyya Mosques. They will find in all cases that the neighbors are happy with the new addition.

  2. This is third incident. In one place mosque construciton went without Minaret. At one place matter still shuttling in courts. However out of approximately 50 permissions and almost 40 constructions already completed, it can be termed as marginal opposition. Hopefully matter will soon be resolved.

  3. InshaAllah a day will certainly dawn, like the sun daily dawns regularly, when all such opposition to the construction of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosques will just fade away when all other towns having such places of worship will come forward to convince others that the Ahmadis are the most peaceful people of their towns
    and their worship places never pose any problem for any one in the locality of the surrounding areas.Here let it be known to all that Ahmadiyya mosques are allowed to be used for worship purpose by the followers of all faiths and religions.
    And we, the Ahmadis also believe that in Europe, Germany and the German nation will be amongst the first ones to uphold the flag of Islam-e-Ahmadiyyat in order to lead the others on the right path of God Almighty. It is because of the fact that German people sincerely and seriously efforts to find the truth of things around.And believe it that when they find it(Truth) they readily accept it, without fear or favor. This is a great national virtue of German people. All praise to God, Alhamdolillah.Long live Germany and the Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Germany,Ameen.

  4. Hope to get a good news. And may it be so. Amen
    In the past too such conditions occurred but got resolved. In every good cause hindrances happen. As long as Allah is with us. We should not worry but pray and watch our conduct to win His Mercy.Amen
    May Allah forgive our weaknesses and help Ahamdis in this noble cause.Amen
    And May Allah change the hearts of the people who are by error against it.Amen

  5. Some updates. The petition is not that strong and Inshallah decision will be in favour of Jamaat. In 100 mosque scheme of Ahamdiyya Muslim Community Germany, almost 60 places so for purchased for mosques in Germany. Only Bahsir Mosque in Bensheim is without Minaret. Rest all (approx 40) either big or small but have minartes. By the grace of Almighty huge complex of Jamia Ahamdiyya Germany also likely to be completed (40 KM from Frankfurt) in couple of months and most probably will be opened by the Supreme Head of Community in next scheduled visit of Germany.

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