Record blackout leaves over 600 million without electricity in India


More than ten percent of the world’s population has found itself without electricity, after three of India’s power grids failed. Blackouts have now plagued India for two consecutive days, leaving half the country without power.

The string of power shortages began on Monday, when India’s northern and eastern power grids collapsed for several hours. Electricians restored the grids after a few hours, but the region’s electric infrastructure was still overloaded. On Tuesday the northern and eastern grids went offline again, followed by the northeastern grid – leaving half of the country’s 1.2 billion people without power.

The Powergrid Corporation of India announced that it was working to put the country’s grids back into operation, and by approximately 8 pm New Delhi time, managed to restore power the northeast of the country as well the most affluent areas of Delhi.

Passengers sit on a platform for their train to arrive as they wait for electricity to be restored at a railway station in New Delhi July 31, 2012 (Reuters/Adnan Abidi)


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