The (coming) destruction of The Dome of the Rock (Al Aqsa Mosque) and of Syria.

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Dome of the Rock near Al Aaqsa mosque on Temple Mount.  Suggested reading: How can we build the Third Temple together?

There is a frightening aspect to the present crises in Palestine and Syria: It seems to be a belief among ‘fundamental’ Christians that there must be a ‘Seven Year Tribulation Period’ before the return of the Jesus The Messiah.

In a book ‘REVELATION UNLOCKED’ by Carolyn M. Prince there are interesting – and disturbing – details about this ‘Tribulation Period’ before the arrival of the Messiah.

According to the book and website one item that needs to happen at the beginning of this ‘Seven Year Tribulation Period’ is the destruction of the Dome of the Rock (where Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem is situated).

I quote from

The Revelation Unlocked gives details about the destruction of the Dome of the Rock and tells about other clearly visible signs preceding the tribulation period.

Destruction of the Dome of the Rock

The tribulation period begins when Jews offer sacrifices to confirm a seven-year covenant. However, Jews may offer sacrifices only on the location on which Solomon built the original temple (2 Chron. 7:12; 1 Kings 9:3). The Dome of the Rock, an Islam sacred mosque, has been standing on that location for over 1,300 years. In The Revelation Unlocked, the author gives Biblical details pointing out that during an invasion of Israel, Muslims will destroy their own Dome of the Rock on God’s holy mountain in Israel. When the Dome of the Rock is destroyed, it will give Jews access to their temple location for the first time since their temple was destroyed in A.D. 70.

The destruction of the Dome of the Rock is next in a series of events regarding the nation of Israel that will take place prior to and during the tribulation period. In His word, God has given us dates for many of these events, as well as the approximate date the Dome of the Rock will be destroyed. When the Dome of the Rock is destroyed, the timeline for the other events, given in the book excerpt in this web site, will be confirmed

This is an extract from the book “Revelation Unlocked” by a Christian lady Ms. Carolyn M. Prince, see

The destruction of Syria is also part of this ‘Tribulation Period’. Consequently Western (Christian) assistance to the destruction of Syria comes into an altogether different kind of light.

The point which I am trying to make is this: Some Christian fundamentalists seem to believe that Jesus Christ will return after this ‘period of tribulation’, during which time Syria needs to be destroyed and apparently also the Dome of the Rock (Al Aqsa). (Some) Jews seem to have a similar belief in this ‘seven years of tribulation’.

Now, can you imagine what will happen when such persons hold offices in such institutions like CIA or the Pentagon?

(The above are just some thoughts. Jews, Christians, Muslim readers of The Muslim Times are encouraged to throw more light on this issue).


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  1. It’s ‘Christians’ like these who were members of the organisation known as The Project for the New American Century, an organisation whose members probably inspired the events of nine-eleven (destruction of the triple towers).

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