Visa scam involving Pakistan’s Olympic team uncovered

Source: Dawn

A British tabloid has allegedly uncovered a visa scam involving Pakistan’s Olympic contingent.

According to the investigation, a group of travel agents and politicians are involved in the scam which allows anyone to travel with the Pakistani contingent as support staff if they pay a certain amount of money.

Fake passports, travel documents, a visa for two months and a letter from the Pakistan Sports Board claiming that the person is part of Pakistan’s Olympic support staff can all be arranged for around one million Pakistani rupees (7000 pounds), it was reported.

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6 replies

  1. لاۃولولقوۃاللہ بلہہ العلیالعظیم
    What do you expect form Pak people?..
    Good advertisement for Pakistan.

  2. Let us see how many Golds/Silver or Browns medals are won by the Pakistani Athletes in the London Olympics. Hope and pray that they will bring some good news to reduce the hopelessness of Pakistanis, living an abnormal(dark)life under 20 hours load-shedding. And on this occasion and at this very particular moment,one could recall an other Pakistani, yes! a great scientist Pakistani,very simple and humble one, known as Prof. Dr. Abdus Salam,who won in Science Olympics, the most coveted Prize, the Nobel Prize in 1979. The whole world accepts and praise/adorn him as the greatest Physicist of the 21st century. But alas! no body knows this Pakistani,Whose scientific predictions are being proved true even after his silent passing away in 1996. Why such a cruel treatment to this genius son of the soil, merely because Mullah is against him because of his faith, as Dr. Salam is an Ahmadi Muslim. What a nonsensical way of thinking for the sake of false allegations. Shame…

  3. Thank you Dr. Barey and Afaqi Sahib, our is a fake, artificial Islamic State, just confined to its name,as we Pakistanis are Muslims only in name?.It is day-dreaming to expect even a single Brown medal from London Olympics. Gone are the days when some individuals would ‘do’ something worthy to be noticed by outside world. Now, even our internal responsible people do not entertain any positive hope in any field of national life. And to think of Nobel Prize, alas,our rulers could not digest one God-gifted Nobel Prized Physicist, how can it hopes for an other one. These so-called rulers with fake degrees and and the Mullah with no knowledge of modern sciences, all are suffering from inferiority complex, due to which, they have failed our nation of 180 million Pakistanis. So please be at rest as nothing good will come from Sports or the world of Science Olympics?

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