Pakistan and Ahmadis: Celebrating Mother’s Day as a rejected son

Express Tribune: by Fahim Younas: As a rejected son, how do you celebrate Mother’s Day? Who enjoys the breakfast tray? Who receives the flower bouquet?

That’s my story. But it’s not my biological mother who rejected me. It’s my motherland – Pakistan.

So on this Mother’s Day, let me have a heart to heart talk with you – my motherland. You don’t want to accept my love; that’s your choice. I have learned to deal with that. But please answer my questions, for I have lots of them.

Why did you abandon me? Why did you institutionalise hatred against me in schools, workplaces and houses of God? Why did you throw me at the heap of your putrid, discriminatory legal system? Why did you exhume my people and not even shed a tear? You were not my step-mother; then why did you treat me like Hansel and Gretel?

Only because I remained resolute to call myself an Ahmadi M _  _  _ _ _ ? See, you cannot even handle a hint of my identity. But isn’t it true motherland, that the father of our nation, Quaid-e-Azam, promised all children of Pakistan equal status and equal rights when the nation was born?


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  1. At this age when Ahmadi Muslims, the Servants of Muhammad ( S.A.W) are compelled to leave there mother Land in the name of Religion, Let’s remember the migration of The Prophet Muhammad to get an spiritual aspiration and strength.
    According to Ahadeeths:- When Muhammad ( S.A.W ) migrated from Mecca to Yathrab.
    “At the moment of departure the Holy Prophet turned his face in the direction of Mecca and said, ‘Mecca, You are dearer to me than all other places; but the people would not let me dwell on in you.”

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