UK:Metropolitan police race row deepens as allegations mount

Scotland Yard confirms total of 10 members of staff have been referred to police watchdog over incidents of alleged racism.

Scotland Yard is facing fresh questions over the conduct of its officers after it revealed details of seven new complaints of alleged racism which it said it had referred to the police watchdog. Speaking after a week in which the Metropolitan police came under pressure to clamp down on racism in its ranks, the Yard’s deputy commissioner, Craig Mackey, said that seven further cases had been referred, or referred again, to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). The move takes the total number of complaints under investigation to 10. In total, eight police officers and one civilian – a member of police staff – have now been suspended for alleged racist incidents, Scotland Yard has said. At least three other officers have been placed on restricted duties. Declaring in a statement that there was “no room for racism in the Met”, Mackey said the new referrals had been made as part of a review of racism allegations. All had already been “in the process of being considered” by Scotland Yard, he said, while four complaints had been re-referred to the IPCC.


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