U.S. Joins $100 Million Pledge for Syrian Rebels

The United States and allied countries are boosting their support for Syrian rebels fighting the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. On Sunday, the Obama administration and at least 60 other governments agreed to pay the rebels $100 million dollars in aid. The United States has also pledged to send communications equipment to help the rebel forces. The move marks the most direct U.S. intervention in an Arab Spring conflict since the United States took part in the NATO bombing of Libya last year. Speaking at the “Friends of Syria” conference in Turkey, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton touted the growing U.S. role in Syria.

Source: http://www.democracynow.org/2012/4/2/headlines/us_joins_100m_pledge_for_syrian_rebels


Several Gulf countries want to finance the Syrian opposition fighting the Syrian army. Just for the next three months, $ 100 million were promised, said a representative of the insurgents.

(sda / AP) On the edge of the contact group meeting on Sunday in Istanbul, al-Molham Drobi, a member of the Syrian National Council confirmed, to the “New York Times” an appropriate financial support from the Gulf States. Money has already flowed to the Free Syrian army, told Al-Drobi. $ 500,000 alone in the past week on “a path that I can not disclose now.”

According to the report of the “New York Times,” the money will be used as payment for the rebels. At the same time it should provide an incentive for members of the government forces to desert, and also to join the insurgents.

According to information provided by the “New York Times” the money comes mostly from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and United Arab Emirates. Saudi Arabia is committed to arming of one of the Syrian opposition. (Google translate from German).

Source: Neue Zuercher Zeitung, Zurich, Switzerland


Note by the editor: It seems the US is talking and the Saudis and Gulf States are paying.

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