Moderate voices in Pakistan are silenced

Zee News:

Report London: Moderate voices in Pakistan are being silenced by the country’s military intelligence arm, the ISI, and militant groups, a media report said on Sunday.

The murder of Mukarram Khan Atif, radio journalist, who worked for Voice of America, by the Pakistan Taliban last Tuesday was shocking in its brutality and brazenness, The Sunday Times said.

Atif was praying in his mosque near Peshawar just after sunset last Tuesday when two gunmen walked in, dragged him outside and shot him dead.

It was the latest killing in what many describe as a deliberate campaign by the ISI and militant groups to silence moderate voices amid a growing crisis between government and the country’s powerful military.

MK, as Atif was known, who was shortly to re-marry, had been receiving death threats from militants who did not like his reporting and demanded space on his radio programmes, according to his colleague Babar Baig, but was “very bold and active”.

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  1. In the early days of Pakistan the Military were ‘very British’ – including wine and whiskey as a daily diet. Every military base had its ‘bar’.

    Quiet a change from that to ‘Islamic militancy’…

    Yes, they should have changed, but why not to the ‘real Islam’!

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