Peres: There is no place for Racism in Israel

Peres: Israel Should Thank Ethiopians for Coming Here

It’s not Ethiopian immigrants who should thank Israel for rescuing them – Israel should thank them for coming, Shimon Peres said.

Aretz Sheva: By David Lev

Continuing his campaign against racism displayed by Israelis in Kiryat Malachi against Ethiopian immigrants, President Shimon Peres told students whose parents immigrated from Ethiopia in Jerusalem this morning that Israel appreciated them – and that it was Israel that owed them thanks for coming to Israel, not the other way around.

Speaking to a mixed class of Israelis and children of immigrants in the Kiryat Menachem neighborhood of Jerusalem Thursday morning, Peres said that Israel would not tolerate racism in any way. “We are against racism and Hitlerism anywhere, especially here,” Peres said. “All Israelis must feel ashamed at what we have seen in the past several days. We, all of us in the State of Israel, must thank the Ethiopian immigrants, and not the other way around.” Those who discriminate against the community “must be ashamed of their actions and statements,” he said.

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  1. If Judaism is considered to be an ethnicity rather than a religion, then it becomes vulnerable to fall into the trap of Racism.

    Many of the reformed Jews do not believe Moses to be a prophet and even question revelation all together, in such circumstances, their Jewish identity truly takes on an ethnic color. Does not it?

  2. end_racism_thru_unity
    is a good sign for peace and love. It reminds me Ahmadiyya Muslim Community slogan ” Love for All hatred for none”. May Almighty NO:1 BIG LORD Allah bless Israelis and ethopians a peaceful, happy, healthy and wealthy long life. Amen

  3. Those who also discriminated Palestinians also must be ashamed of their actions and statements. There should be no double standard in the world and any type of indiscriminate on the base of race or religion should be condemned.

  4. This is very good sign to finish racism in Israel. The president spoken boldly. If the Government of Israel work hard to educate her all kinds of people then may be possible otherwise it is too difficult here are some examples Messianic Jews within Israel are suffering same as Ahmadies in Pakistan.Black Ethopian immigrants are among them then Gentiles (Goyin) NO BODY CAN DENY HOW THE MUSLIMS ARE SUFFERING FROM RACISM ETHNICALLY RELIGIOUSLY, AND ALSO SOCIALLY AND ARE BEING TARGETED ON DAILY BASIS.
    Mr.President of Israel has to work hard to prove his statement.

  5. I wish mr perez would feel the same way about the palestinian arabs among them and those people are not just sheep and cattle for slaughter, maybe if the leadership practiced what it preached ,there would not be any racism and sense of superiority among his people in deeds not in words mr.president,may allah open their eyes and remove the ills of arrogance from their hearts

  6. did we ever hear such things in the past? it is weird and unbelievable though but lets take it as a turning point.
    As there is a saying “daer aayad darust aayaed”.
    “late the never”.
    We hope that it maybe a sign as the first rain drop for the peace in Palestine. Amen

  7. @Leila. Actually, a string of top Israeli officials have denounced racism against Arabs after two vicious attacks on Arabs by Jewish teenagers recently. Netanyahu and Peres spoke out against the attacks. The education minister ordered schools to devote time to discussing these two attacks and educating against racism. Likud officials have called the beating of an Arab teen in Jerusalem and the firebombing of a Palestinian Arab taxi in Judea terrorism. Arrests have been made in both cases. The Likud speaker of the Knesset visited the injured teen from Jerusalem in the hospital and apologized. We’d feel a lot safer here in Israel if we saw similar education in the Palestinian Authority and the Arab States. Since the late King Hussein’s visit after one of his soldiers killed several Israeli Jewish girls — a visit which made a huge impression here in Israel — we haven’t seen anything like it from the Arab side. We still have a lot of work to do combating bigotry, but so does the Muslim World.

  8. … and we would not mind to see the Pakistani President and Prime Minister (s) to visit victims of terrorist attacks in the hospital (for instance the Ahmadi-Muslim victims of the Lahore attacks). We would not mind some arrests too.

  9. Human nature is the same anywhere in my opinion. The inhabitants of Israel, Jewish, Muslim, Druze, and Christians are individuals. I want to sincerely thank
    Amtul for helping bring this point to the attention of the readers of The Muslim Times. The sharing of information and face to face dialogue are important ways to promote peace and justice. I know from personal experience that many residents of Israel and
    many Palestinians seek ways to overcome the biases, stereotypes,and generalizations that permeate our region.
    Shalom from Haifa!

  10. Thanks for your comment.

    We try to build bridges by publishing positive efforts. Unfortunately we also have to report news which fail such efforts. We recognize that Israel is the only State in the Middle East where minorities such as Ahmadiyyah Muslim Community and Baha’is community enjoy freedom to practice religion and we also condemn the atrocities Palestinians including young children have to suffer on regular basis on their own soil.
    Salam from The Muslim Times

  11. The very basis of creation of Israel is racism, its existence and geopolitical survival both reigned by doctrine of pure racism and I am afraid if Israeli political and social intelligentsia do not reflect on it to reform in time, its end will also be based racism.

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