Muslim Youth Group Calls for Respect in UCL Cartoon Controversy

Adam Walker, national Spokesperson of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) UK, calls upon the University College London (UCL) to protect the diverse values of its students.

Recently, the use of cartoons by the UCL Atheist, Secularist and Humanist society (ASHS), depicting the Holy Prophet Muhammad and Jesus Christ (peace be upon them) consuming alcohol, have come to the attention of AMYA. It is the position of AMYA that these cartoons are inaccurate and that both of these noble Prophets of God were exalted men, whose way of life serves as a model for personal and societal advancement.

Commenting on the cartoon controversy, the spokesperson stated:

”Perhaps what is most shocking is that at an esteemed house of learning intelligent people, fully aware of the offence that such cartoons have caused in the past, consciously chose to post them. I genuinely thought that things had moved on from this and that people, regardless of their background, understood that there is a clear difference between freedom of speech and outright insult.”

AMYA would like to remind ASHS and its members of their ethical responsibility as citizens of a vibrant and multicultural society, which has always prided itself on tolerance and respect, to avoid insult by removing the image. Commenting on this Adam Walker added:

These cartoons are likely to hurt the feelings of Muslims within society and whilst we do not agree with the notion that causing offence to others should be a crime, we do believe that in order to produce a cohesive and harmonious society all people should observe not only tolerance of each others’ way of life, but should avoid making others feel insulted.”

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  1. Muslim men accused of hate crime over anti-gay leaflet in UK

    There is freedom of speech but no freedom to slander or spread hate speech or public disorder. Let me suggest that free speech is a spectrum and we need to be careful at the far end. Those in UCL, who are dishonoring the prophets respected by billions, more than their own parents, should be careful in greater interests of peace and law and order in the country. They should also read news about recent developments about hate speech:

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