2012: End of the world?

A couple of years ago, a Hollywood movie based on a Mayan prediction was released, entitled 2012. The movie obviously was pure science fiction based on a fantastical future. The year 2012 however is finally here. Is the world going to end? Of course not.  What I mean to say is not that it will not end based on the Mayan predictions.

Armageddon-type movies bring to surface man’s deep-rooted fear perhaps of meeting his own end. As self-centered as we are as a species, generally, we love life. The belief in afterlife is a requirement by almost all religions, yet if we ponder, it is a concept that is difficult to develop and instill in our hearts unless there is profound faith in a Supreme Being. Not only faith in such a Being, but a desire to be with “Him”. The reason, according to my limited knowledge, why religions require their adherents to believe in the afterlife is to create a sense of accountability for the life we lead on this planet. But the truth remains that whether we believe in a life after this one or not, the concept of death is hard to deal with, especially if an untimely death happens. We want to always take affairs into our own hands, sometimes even death.



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  1. There wer rumours that some segment of American society is buying concrete bunkers also to escape the end of this world. Other day it came to lime light that Mormons also cleecting essential items to escape hardships. Do you draw some similarities with Mayan predicitons?

  2. This hype brings back the memories during the Y2K crisis. If you dive deeper into the Mayan culture and history, it becomes apparent, that the Mayans always looked forward to the end of the calendar as it brings a new era just like many culture celebrate New year. It is a continuation of life and mankind and not a marking point for coming to a full stop.

  3. During the cold war days rich Swiss companies and individuals (and other West Europeans too) bought properties in Canada as a ‘safe haven’ in case Western Europe got over run by Communist Soviets. Later on they also bought properties in the Southern hemisphere (Brazil, Argentina, Australia) thinking that the Northern hemisphere will be over polluted with nuclear fall-out.

    Back to square one.

  4. hoo. why would the world end according to the mayan calender as just only god knows when the day of judgement will be?

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