The Perfect Heist: Why Government Theft Continues To Go Unnoticed

This week, we doff our caps to the folks at the European Central Bank. They’ve pulled off the perfect heist.
The euro-feds have opened the valves…turned on the spigots…and let nearly a half trillion euros worth of liquidity flow directly into the very same banks that have proven they can’t be trusted with a penny.
But that’s how a zombie system works. The living give. The monsters get.
And since, at this stage of the credit cycle, the living don’t have much to give, the feds turn on the printing presses.
Then, from whom does the money come?
Gotta come from someone, no?
That’s right… When you borrow it, it comes from the people who lend it. When you tax it, it comes from the taxpayers. But whom does it come from when you just print it up?

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