Ahmadiyya Youth going Door to Door

Source; Peterborough Examiner

Door to Door Muslims

A group of 36 young Muslims from Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association of Canada will visit Peterborough on Saturday and Sunday, going door to door to educate people about the teachings of Islam and dispel any misconceptions about their religion. Over the last 12 months, 2335 volunteers have visited 320,078 houses in 238 communities in Canada, talking to an estimated 1,235,915 people.

The association promotes peace, condemns terrorism and tries to dispel myths about Islam.

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  1. Simply great! Keep it up , an example for all the Khuddams living in the free world. Alhamdouillah!

  2. Mash’Allah. All praise belong to Almighty Allah, who has given us opportunity to serve the noble cause of Islam. It is a great service to humanity.

    Keep up the good work. May Allah be your helper. Ameen

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