Ahmadiyya Ameer debunks notion that Islam is anti-secular education

Maulvi Dr. A. Wahab Adam, the Ameer and missionary in-charged of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission in Ghana, has observed as wrong the notion that Islam is concerned only about religious education. He pointed out that the Holy Quran and the Holy Prophet were not against secular education. “What elevates man above the lower animals is knowledge. And this knowledge cannot be a religious knowledge alone. Mathematics, law, engineering, and other subjects of study are mentioned in the Quran”, he said.

Addressing staff and students of the Wa T I Ahmadiyya Senior High School at a durbar to mark the school’s 10th year anniversary, the revered Ameer called on students and teachers to work hard to achieve academic excellence. He however added that the pursuance of academic excellence should not be at the expense of moral values.

He used the occasion to call for religious tolerance at all levels of society– to ensure peaceful coexistence. “It is not morally right to compel students of other religions to abandon theirs and follow what is practised in your school”, he said.

Maulvi Dr. Adam was happy about the level of discipline exhibited among the students and the general progress the school had made within the 10 years of its existence. He therefore commended the current and former leadership, as well as members of staff for their hard work and dedication.

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