The debate on how to reform Canada’s regulation of natural health products

OTTAWA — There’s a battle brewing over how to regulate the burgeoning natural health product market in Canada.

 The crux of the issue comes down to whether or not the products should have to undergo the same scrutiny as other pharmaceutical drugs in order to ensure consumer safety.

Already 73 per cent of Canadians regularly take such products, which include vitamins, minerals, herbal products and homeopathic medicines, according to Health Canada.

The first offensive on the current regulatory system was made this week in an editorial published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, a leading medical publication.

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Editor’s Note:

European Union, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom have already taken step to regulate natural and some alternative therapies. Such heated debate indicates that a friendship is going to develop between different modalities of treatment which is absolutely essential in the best interest of our patients.


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