King’s statements on Syria reflect Jordan’s concern – commentators

By Mohammad Ghazal, Jordan Times.

AMMAN – His Majesty King Abdullah’s remarks to the BBC earlier this week that he would step down if he were in Syrian President Bashar Assad’s place reflect Jordan’s deep concern about Syria, according to columnists.

The columnists said Jordan cannot ignore the situation in its northern neighbour, noting that the Kingdom is directly affected by developments in Syria.

“The King’s remarks to the BBC entail lots of messages to the East and the West and to the Arabs. They would serve the Syrian regime if it decides to embark on genuine reforms,” Al Rai’s Jehad Momani said in his column Thursday.

King Abdullah’s remarks on Syria should move Arab and Western states to think deeply about what their next steps should be in order not to “internationalise” the crisis in Syria and risk repeating the violence that took place in Libya, Momani wrote.

Al Arab Al Yawm’s Fahed Khitan agreed.

“King Abdullah gave an analysis of the situation in Syria and did not directly call on Assad to step down,” Khitan said in a column published Wednesday.

“Syria is not Libya, Tunisia or Egypt… Jordan and Syria enjoy solid ties and any development in Syria, whether positive or negative, will have a great impact on Jordan and vice versa,” he said.

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