Indonesians Rush to Marry on 11-11-11

Indonesian couples have flooded the Ministry of Religious Affairs with requests to get married on Friday, believing the date, 11-11-11, will bring them good fortune.

State news agency Antara reported that in just three cities, 1,000 couples had registered to perform their nuptials.

In Bogor on the outskirts of Jakarta, a total of just five clerics were expected to perform at least 366 weddings, with a similar number, 373, expecting to marry in Pekanbaru, the capital of Riau province.

Darwison, head of the Pekanbaru Religious Office, said the couples believed “the date will bring them good luck and it falls on the Muslim holy day of Friday.”

He conceded, however, that while some thought the date was “sacred and full of blessing,” other choose the date “simply because it is easy to remember.”

Agus Trijoko, scheduled to marry fiance Purnama, said he fell into the latter category, choosing the date for simplicity. Read more

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