Forgotten heroes, but not forgotten values

Khairil Azhar,

In his last will he said he wished to be buried among his people, not in the state-owned cemetery provided especially for those recognized as heroes.

"Ahmadiyyah have the right to live their life and relegion in Indonesia"

And there he is now, Mohammad Hatta, one of the founding fathers of the Republic of Indonesia, at Tanah Kusir Cemetery in South Jakarta, where he shares 2 or 3 square meters with the common people he loved.

Another story comes from Wilis Mountain in Central Java. Tan Malaka, a die-hard revolutionary, teacher and leader with amazing intellectuality and vision, and a real foe for Dutch colonialism, now lies in the belly of the earth he fought for, but a great mystery remains. He was killed in 1948 by his own people — the soldiers who were supposed to protect and save him.

As one of the positive impacts of the reform era that began in 1997-1998, more than 40 years after Tan Malaka died, school students were able to read about him freely. Read more


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