A Rough Guide to… The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Leading up to the UN security council vote on Palestinian statehood on Friday, Impact will be publishing a series of articles on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Here is a short guide to the most important aspects of the conflict.

Where did it start?

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict first began in the late 1800’s with Jewish migrants moving to Palestine. Sporadic acts of violence came about due to the tension caused by the new settlements.  These were  exacerbated when Britain and France took control of the region during WW1 and set up what some Arabs saw as a pro-Zionist administration.  The 1929 Palestine Riots, which included the Hebron massacre, resulted in the deaths of 116 Arabs and 133 Jews, as relations deteriorated between the two ethnic groups.


On May 14th 1948 the British Mandate for Palestine ended and, as part of the UN partition, an independent state of Israel was declared.

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