Eid murder: Hindu community threatens indefinite strike if culprits not arrested

Published: November 8, 2011
Source:Xpress Tribune

LARKANA: Following the final rites of three Hindus who were shot dead on Monday in Shikarpur district, upper Sindh, the Hindu community shut their business in protest and announced an indefinite strike till those responsible for the killing are brought to book. They also announced three days of mourning.

The shooting incident took place on Eid day (Monday) when unidentified gunmen opened fire on a clinic killing three members of the Hindu community including a doctor and two businessmen and injuring two others, police said.

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The dead were identified as Dr Ajeet Kumar while the two businessmen were identified as Naresh Kumar and Ashok Kumar. The doctor and the businessmen were friends. Meanwhile, another doctor Satahpal, who had sustained a gunshot wound has been shifted to Karachi.

The final rites of the dead took place on Tuesday at the Sathu Bela temple near Sukkur. Members of Hindu community alleged that police had been patronising the criminals.

The Hindu community in Shikarpur had been in conflict with the Muslim Bhayoo community over an alleged case of sexual assault. The Muslim community alleged that three members of the Hindu community had sexually assaulted a girl from their community a few weeks ago and the Muslim community wanted to exact revenge.

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