Egypt’s Unfinished and Unfinishable Revolution: Three Scenarios

The current political situation in Egypt is a complex weave of shifting alliances, jostling for power, democratic aspirations, and fear — fear of losing long-held privileges, of skeletons in closets, and of what tomorrow could bring.

On one side are the forces of the old regime: the army, police, ex-president Hosni Mubarak’s loyalists and the business community. At the other extreme are the revolutionaries. These include the Facebook generation of upper-middleclass democratic idealists, Nasserites eager to recreate the socialist state of former president Gamal abdul Nasser, and assorted lower-class anarchists and opportunists.  Yet, on another side are moderate Muslim Brothers, the best organized political force in Egypt. They are uneasily joined by ultra-puritan Salafists and other, more militant religious offshoots. These groups suffered torture, imprisonment and death under all of Egypt’s modern rulers.

Read More on what could it mean for future of Egypt.

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