Sarkozy, Obama and the Enlightenment

Source:  Asia Times on Line

Without using physical violence, can you make someone spit out the chewing gum he is so obviously enjoying? Russia has shown you can. That is how its diplomacy in the UN Security Council on Thursday over Resolution 1973 on Libya could be understood…

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  1. A hot sun forces one to throw away all the garments without using the mighty force like howling wind if it is required to do the same job.

  2. You are right in your assessment but is there any way to make the so called champions of the world to realise it.

  3. US/Obama-bashing is a favorite hobby of muslims. this is hypocrisy. why dont they criticise muslim govt. of sudan which has caused murder rape & famine. why dont they ask thier rulers not to beg aid from US. in Maseeh(as) words, ist stone will be thrown by the person who is sinless.

    • I do advocate that if anyone takes aid they should not be surprised if there are ‘strings attached’. True independence can only be achieved if we do without aid. And, yes, we have to speak out against all kind of oppression. One reason may be why the US gets more bashing is because they pretend to be oh so holy, democratic and just, while they are clearly not just in their views. I never heard the President of Sudan say that he is a super-democrat. This is not a justification that he can do whatever he wants, just a sort of side remark. We will continue to improve to present a balanced view. That is why The Muslim Times has so many editors, some present this kind of News and some that kind…

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