PAKISTAN: A mass killer has been provided protection while the families of his victims continue to suffer threats

Source/Credit: Asian Human Rights Commission: 26 September 2011

Malik Ishaq, well known as a killer in many incidents of sectarian violence and bomb blasts has been taken by the state after killing over 100 victims. He is currently being held under house arrest for a period of ten days, supposedly as protective detention. His arrest happened on September 22, 2011 just two days after the killing of 29 persons from the Hazara tribe, the Shia community, in Mastung, Balochistan province and just three days after a sad incident where four more persons from the same tribe were killed by unknown persons as they were going to work.

A banned religious organisation, the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) has claimed responsibility for the killings of the Shiaite and Malik heads that organisation. Malik was bailed from the Supreme Court of Pakistan in July from many cases regarding killings and bombings. Malik remained in detention for 14 years but the government could not provided protection to witnesses. Also the prosecution produced very weak cases which ultimately benefitted his defence. Subsequently he was released on bail by the Supreme Court on the grounds of these weak cases. He still faces seven cases and confessed that he planned the attack on the Sri Lankan Cricket Team when he was in jail in March 2009. In the attack seven security personnel were killed.

He was detained on September 22 on the pretext that he was facing death threats and needed protection. His arrest was made under Article 5 of the Maintenance of public order for ten days. The house detention generally does not fall under the term of punishment in the country as during that period the detainee has access to communications via cell phones, internet and the electronic media.

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  1. Pakistani society is truly being held captive under it’s insane and daft Mullahs and if it’s government doesn’t take heed, the whole country including itself (govt.), will suffer the the consequences, i.e. total anarchy.

    For, it seems that, whoever differs from these ignorant Mullahs, i.e. whichever school of ‘thought’ (if they even apply their brains), they belong to, is an enemy and therefore should be killed. I hope that they also are aware of the fact that they too, can and will be targets of similar crackpots who are from a different ‘school of thought’.

    They will find themselves falling into the same pit that they have started digging….

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