Switzerland: Muslims want to donate blood

In memory of the nearly 3000 victims of the terror attacks on 11th September 2001 in the USA representative of an Islamic Reform Movement in Switzerland called for blood donations. They want to follow with this gesture the teachings of Islam and contribute to a life-saving effort.

The campain of the “Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Switzerland” carries the slogan “Muslims for Life”. The Vice President of the Organisation, Sadaqat Ahmed, stated on Sunday that the aim was to collect 500 blood donations until the end of the year. The Organisation wants to demonstrate the Swiss values of salidarity and readyness to help and to give a sign against terrorism and fanaticism.

Terrorism contradicts the Koran.

Terrorist attacks are contrary to the holy book of the Muslims, the Koran. “The holy Koran confirms the teachings of the bible that life is sacred”, the organisation writes.

“It is written in the Koran, that anyone who kills one human, it is as if he killed all of humanity. And anyone who saves one human life, it is as if he save all of humanity.”


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  1. Americans smiling at little Switzerland. It reminds me of the following incident:

    An American Farmer came to Switzerland and met a Swiss farmer. He was a bit amused by the small size of the Swiss farm and told the Swiss farmer: “Back home in the United States I have a farm that is so big that if I leave with my car in the morning from one end I cannot reach the other end by nightfall.”

    The Swiss farmer was not impressed and said: “Yes, I used to have a car like that”.

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