UK: One in six adults now ‘living in sin’

The rapid rise in couples who choose to live together without being married   may be acting as a “firewall” to stop unstable relationships from ending   years later in divorce, according to research.

In the early 1960s, fewer than one in 100 adults under the age of 50 were   living together as unmarried couples, the study from the Office for National   Statistics found.

But now the figure has risen to one in six, as cohabitation becomes more   widely accepted and is no longer seen as “socially deviant”, the report   said.

In the early 1960s, three quarters of adults under the age of 50 were married,   but this had fallen to just over one-third by 2009, the ONS said.

The research, conducted by academics at the University of Southampton, found   that adults were increasingly delaying their relationship commitments until   later in life.

“Men and women now enter their first partnership about two years later, on   average, than in the early 1980s,” the study said.


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  1. Important to note in the article:

    “International studies have suggested that couples who live together before they marry are more likely to separate than those who move in with each other only after their wedding.”

  2. Thank u vry mch… I m vry happy to get this side. I hv bn geting many more knwlge spcly muslim world.. Thanks again.

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