Faster than light?

Dawn Editorial

IF verified by further evidence and research, the recent findings of the CERN institute in Switzerland could shake the world of physics as we know it. It is being claimed by scientists at CERN that sub-atomic particles known as neutrinos can transcend the speed of light.

 Apparently neutrinos pumped out from Geneva to a laboratory in Italy were recorded, over several years, to have travelled faster than the speed of light, which stands at a little over 186,000 miles per second.

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Categories: Science

2 replies

  1. amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it is a wonderful thing, thank you for sharing

    It may be a big breakthrough for mankind to discover outer space… we might find our alike.. who knows

  2. So as I was yesterday at CERN by Geneva, I talked with a scientist about this topic. He told me that we should wait for more experiments and their results. Though it will mean a great change for physics, till now this theory is very doubtfull. But everyone is curious about new results, if it comes true that some particles are faster than the speed of light, that will mean perhaps a new era for physics. Many theories must be rewritten, like the theory of relativity. Well we will see.

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