With ‘real-time’ apps, Facebook is always watching

Source: CNN
By John D. Sutter, CNN
updated 2:54 PM EST, Fri September 23, 2011

Facebook announced a new class of
Facebook announced a new class of “real-time” apps on Thursday at an event in San Francisco.


  • Facebook unveils “real-time” features
  • The changes will roll out over coming weeks
  • New apps will post to Facebook automatically, if approved
  • The result: Facebook is watching your every online move

(CNN) — A couple years ago, a Microsoft researcher named Gordon Bell embarked on a personal experiment: He would wear a video camera around his neck all the time and keep this “life recorder” always turned on, so it would record everything he did.

It was like an external memory drive for his brain, he wrote in a book called “Total Recall.”

Sounds pretty sci-fi, right? Not so much. The “real-time sharing” updates Facebook announced Thursday aim to do something quite similar — only for the Internet instead of in real life.

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Yet another reason one should strongly consider to quit Facebook!

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